My Trello board is shown below. All of my current progress on my art obligations are on here and are updated often.

There are a few personal projects I am invested in in some way or another. I've given a short synopysis below, but they are better explored in their entirety!


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Breakthrough is my long-term comic project started in 2014. While it went into a suspended status in 2016 after 100 pages, it has been rebooted in 2021 with a new style, story, and world.

In this dystopian fantasy, you follow two young protagonists - Tygressa, a female Longwing, a high-class rebel who despises the system she was born into, and Ruskaer, a male Sparkclaw, a conformist who fears Tygressa will someday get them into more trouble than she can get them out of.
Ruskaer's fears come to fruition when Tygressa's hatred for the racist hierarchy of the Dragon Empire overtakes her and sends them head-first into a world of secrets much larger than they could have ever known.

Read Original (2014) | Read Reboot (2021)


Threa is a worldbuilding project between myself and my friend Draa Gul. We have been working on this world since 2016. It is meant as a hub for tabletop role-playing games, general role-play, and character creation. As of right now it is in a sort of hiatus as it is being rebuilt from the ground up, a project known as Threa: Rehatched.

What if another Earth-like planet existed far across the cosmos, saturated with magic, and dominated by reptilians and avians with mammals a scarcety? This is Threa, an ancient world built with the natural laws of evolution and biology mixed with the fantastical elements of magic and hexapodal fantasy creatures. Dangerous, untamed, and filled with ancient ruins, Threa is filled with stories and lore to discover.

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