I am a freelance artist who works on a piece-by-piece or contract-by-contract basis with individual clients or companies. My primary clientelle are individuals looking for illustrations of their personal characters or works. I enjoy working on an individual basis and working directly with my clients for the highest satisfaction!

Whether I am accepting commissions or not is always displayed on the right side of the page on desktop or on the top bar on mobile. Open means I am accepting new commissions. Limited is the same as open, but implies a limitation on the art style or availability, depending on the situation. Closed means I am not currently accepting new projects.

Please familiarize yourself with my pricing and terms of service before sending any prospective commission.

Areas of Work

I have a variety of subjects that I will or will not draw, as well as subjects I'm not the most familiar with. Please review the below chart for my areas of expertise and what I accept.


  • Fantasy creatures, especially dragons
  • Reptilians
  • Anthro reptilians
  • Light machinery
  • Natural environments
  • General accessories


  • Adult Themes
  • Mammals
  • Anthro animals
  • Gore
  • Heavy Complexity


  • Fetishes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Discriminatory/Hateful themes
  • Cityscapes

Current Availability

Commissions are currently closed. Until further notice


All private commission work is done through my website and e-mail. All images come with a full, unwatermarked version (for private use) and a small, watermarked version (for public use). Commercial use requires an additional fee negotiated on a per-situation basis. Emotes do not come with an individually watermarked version due to their size, but a collection with a general watermark will be supplied.

An outline of the general commission process is as follows:

  1. Send a commission request using the request form.
  2. If the commission is accepted, payment is then required upfront through PayPal invoices.
  3. Commissions are worked on in order of payment received in my queue, which can be found on my public Trello board.
  4. Updates and communication on the commission are sent through e-mail, barring other arrangements, at important stages of the artwork and pending any changes requested by the client.
  5. Upon completion, the client receives personal and public versions of their artwork and I post the artwork onto my relevant websites at my own discretion.

These steps are generalized and may not be perfectly accurate to every situation, but it is what can be expected in general. Individual steps can be changed, swapped, or bypassed depending on individual arrangements made with clients. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.