Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and their answers. This is not an all-encompassing list and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Is there any sort of ping list, e-mailing list, or notification system I can join to be notified when your commissions are open?

As of right now, there is not. All of my commissioning openings are announced on Twitter, DeviantART, and FurAffinity - following me on these sites is the best way to be notified of an upcoming opening.

When is the next page of Breakthrough? Are there any updates on the comic?

If there are updates, I will post them. Breakthrough is worked on in my free time when I have the energy to do so, which is very rarely these days. I still intend to continue the comic, but I do not know when nor at what rate.

Please be patient.

May I hire you as a contracted artist on a project? Can I use work I've commissioned for my projects?

I currently do not do long-term contract work due to real-life circumstances - I am in college and focusing on my education. However, this depends on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me if your project is relatively small in scope and we can potentially figure something out.

If you wish to use my work that you have commissioned for a personal project, with no commercial intent, then that is perfectly fine. However, if you intend to commercialize the project, you must pay for commercial rights or purchase ownership of the intellectual property as per my terms of service.

May I use your artwork as a desktop wallpaper/print it out?

So long as it is personal non-redistributive use, I have no issues with you using my work. I am honored that you think it is good enough for display and have no qualms. However, it is respectful to also ask the owner of the character(s) in the image if the image is to be put on public display (e.g. within your household and not just as a desktop wallpaper).

Can I use your artwork as an icon / emotes / Telegram stickers / DnD campaign icons / etc?

If the piece in question is fan-art or not of an owned character, then you are completely welcome to. However, please do not use art of my characters or any commissioned artwork for these purposes unless given permission by the owner of the characters.

Can I use reupload your artwork with credit?

No. Reuploading takes valuable interactions away from my own profiles and often doesn't lead the viewer back to the artist, even if they want to! Please link to my own uploads rather than reuploading yourself. There are many ways to share my work that doesn't require reupload.

Can I add you on Steam/Discord/etc?

Unless I know you, I would prefer not. If you have a commission inquiry or a question, please use my form or visit my contact page. I am a very shy and reclusive person and prefer not to engage with strangers unless there is some sort of common community we are apart of. That being said, I also do not bite - if we do share a community, feel free to say hi.

Do you do web design / website creation on commission?

Not currently. I do not feel I am capable of putting together websites in a professional manner for actual clients. If I do, I will add it on another page for services.

What is your blacklist? Can I see it? How can I tell if I'm on it?

My blacklist is my list of users that I refuse to take a commission from - usually those who are additionally blocked on social media. There are many reasons a user can end on my blacklist. Blacklisted users usually are or are involved in one of the following:

  • Pedophiles/'MAP's
  • Racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc
  • Art thieves
  • NFT/Crypto enthusiast
  • Personal/private conflicts

If you have never interacted with me or my friends nor have any issues involving the above, then it's highly unlikely you're on my blacklist. I very rarely blacklist users. That being said, I do not share my blacklist publicly as I do not like to involve myself in call-outs or anything of the sort.

The downside of this is that you cannot check if you are on my blacklist. If you've been directed here by my form error regarding my blacklist, and believe it is in error, please email me. I will happily reply if there is a mistake. If not, I will ignore and block the email. I do not wish to engage in conflict.

Are you open for NFT or crypto projects?

No. Never. Please educate yourself on the damage that NFTs and cryptocurrencies are doing to the environment.