Commission Pricing

Below are the types of commissions available. All prices shown are in USD ($) and are a base value. Prices may increase depending on complexity of the scene or character(s) in question. Estimates are available on request without the requirement of actually going through with the payment. All final prices are double-checked with the client before an invoice is sent.

All images come with a full, unwatermarked version (for private use) and a small, watermarked version (for public use). Commercial use requires an additional fee negotiated on a per-situation basis. Emojis do not come with an individually watermarked version due to their size, but a collection with a general watermark will be supplied.

I have a variety of subjects that I will or will not draw, as well as subjects I'm not the most familiar with. Please review the below chart for my areas of expertise and what I accept.


  • Fantasy creatures, especially dragons
  • Reptilians
  • Anthro reptilians
  • Light machinery
  • Natural environments
  • General accessories


  • Mammals
  • Anthro animals
  • Gore
  • Heavy Complexity


  • Adult themes
  • Fetishes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Discriminatory/Hateful themes
  • Cityscapes

Price List

Additional characters will incur an additional cost of 50-75% of the base price.

🢔 Flat Colors 🢖


A refined, lined, and colored drawing of your character. No drawn backgrounds; flat colors, patterns, and other simple elements may be added by request.

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